About Tom

As a public speaker, workshop leader, and Life Coach, my goal is to help facilitate PERSPECTIVE SHIFTS for my clients, and help you come into a deeper sense of self-awareness. I believe knowing one's self is essential for creating deeper relationships, and that enjoying healthy relationships is of the primary reasons why we're here.

I am a national speaker on the incredibly important topic of climate change, and I also host a podcast titled "Off the Spectrum." I currently lead groups in the field known as "Authentic Relating."

Being a "Life Coach" is just one aspect of my chosen vocation. My qualifications are not the seminars I've attended or the trainings I've taken. I am sometimes skeptical when some folks in that field persue Life Coaching as their full-time gig. It's like a professional writer whose main characters are all writers. My qualifications are having achieved a quaity of life consistent with my values. I am confident that I am doing something meaningful with my life other than advising others on how to do something meaninful with theirs. I've given up a lot in order to achieve that, including a six-figure salary from my previous profession in order to determine and persue a meaningful existence that is of service to something greater than mysef.

I'd like to encourage you follow the advice of that little voice in your head. It will give you the courage of your convictions to seek out a meaningful life in our plastic society. It's not an easy journey. I'll go first.

My qualifications for being a life coach? I'm trying to change society from the inside-out, while encouraging others to change the things they cannot accept. I'm a trained and passionate public speaker on behalf of the Global Change Movement and solving the climate crisis.

Prior Experience:
From 2006-2016, I worked as a Web Developer and Project Manager.

I hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa, where I majored in English and minored in Religion.

When I began my carrer in web design after college, I taught myself HTML, having no previous formal (or informal) experience.

Over the pasy 4 years since leaving my first career, I have gained invauable wisdom through the trainings, seminars, retreats, and immersions I have participated in across the United States.

All of the professional training courses I have completed have been in-person seminars, immersion weekends, or one-on-one and group work. I truly believe in the power of in person, experiential learning.


I consider Charles Eisenstein, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Alan Watts among my greatest teachers. I have studied Yogic philosophy and Buddhist meditation, and my spiritual beliefs most closely align with Taoism.

The self-empowerment work I do is informed by spirituality. You'll never hear me talk about how to make a million dollars, or how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest a red Ferrari. (Though I will tell you why you'll be happier without one.)

The choices we make in our daily lives matter.
I see the world around us today undergoing major changes, and I see a significant "Renaissance of Consciousness" blossoming. This global change excites me, and is empowering. As the world shifts significantly, it's up to all of us to decide where that shift will take us, collectively. We all play a role.

I live in Kansas City, MO, and am very happy to be back in the Midwest after living in an asham in Oregon for a year, and then in Boulder, Colorado.