I'm Tom Tortorich. As a public speaker and workshop leader, my goal is to help everyone ask questions about why things are they way they are. I have been a workshop leader since 2013. "Excuses, Be Damned!" is the title of a book I'm currently working on, and the workshops I lead.

My life's work is inspiring others to live fulfilling lives, focusing on what truly matters -- purpose, passion, joy and each other.

I believe, collectively, we can create a more cooperative world, one in which money and fossil fuels don't determine our future; one in which we use technology as a tool for connection, but not an addiction; one in which we are more connected instead of disconnected from each other.

Prior Experience:
From 2006-2016, I worked as a project manager and web designer for corporate America.

I see the world around us today undergoing major changes, and I see a significant "Renaissance of Consciousness" blossoming. This global change excites me, and is empowering.

As the world shifts significantly, it's up to all of us to decide where that shift will take us, collectively. We all play a role. The choices we make in our daily lives matter.

I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa, where I majored in English and minored in religion, but mainly, I am "autodidactic" or self-taught. When I began my carrer in web design after college, I taught myself HTML, having no previous formal (or informal) experience.

In my current profession as a public speaker in the Global Change Movement, I have accumulated experiential knowledge from many of the existing workshops, immersions, seminars and personal empowerment leaders in the field.

I consider Charles Eisenstein, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Alan Watts among my greatest teachers. I have studied Yogic philosophy and Buddhist meditation.

The self-empowerment work I do is informed by spirituality. You'll never hear me talk about how to make a million dollars, or how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest a red Ferrari. (Though I will tell you why you'll be happier without one.)

I currently live in Eugene, Oregon, at the Dharmalaya Community, where I study, teach, and organize events.