Cultivate a Mindful Living Practice
Emotional Growth & the "path of opening"

What is a Life Coach?

If you are going through a life transition, a Life Coach can be a real blessing.
Many of us live such frantic lives that it can be hard to find perspective.

A LIFE COACH does not offer advice, but rather can offer PERSPECTIVE, STRATEGIES and MOTIVATION.
All of us need help, encouragement, support and motivation to make the changes we need in our lives ~ to become the best version of ourselves.

Some of us need help determining what those changes even are ~ especially living in a culture that seems to be grasping to remember what's important.

One-on-one sessions are transformative if you:
~ Are wanting to cultivate a lifestyle that's in deeper alignment with your values.
~ Desire to push your envelope a little; are ready to step out of the roles you've been playing
~ Need a little motivation, encouragement or support, or even just a little empathy
~ Need help finding your center in a society of evolving social norms & values.

Hi, I'm Tom Tortorich. I help folks who are ready to feel more comfortable, confident and honest with who they are, embrace vulnerability and become the best version of yourself.

One-on-one sessions are perhaps the most cherished aspect of the work I do. It is truly an honor to be part of facilitating personal transformations.

My first career was as a web programmer. By my early 30s, I was earning 6-figures and owned a home in the suburbs. But it was all plastic, and I knew it. It was a major act of faith and courage to walk away from all of that at the age of 34.

I was done following the path of our fast-paced, consumer-driven society. I had arrived at the end of my rope. I ended up on a 4 year journey that included living in an Intentional Community, a Yogic Ashram, a suicide attempt, and an enormous amount of personal growth and transformation work in communities in Eugene, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado.

Through it all, I realized what I'd always known all along ~ healthy relationships, a slower-paced life, and the way I treat others are my core values.

"The Path of Opening" is a journey towards knowing yourself better and creating a life in alignment with your values and what's really important.

Together, in an emotionally safe space, we will learn and practice skills that will help you "get out of your thoughts" and into your heart, and work towards a life that's deeply meaningful and filled with nourishing relationships, self-love and self-awareness.

I offer a FREE 30-minute call so we can both decide if we are a good fit to work together.

To schedule, please email me at or by phone or text at 816-699-3807

Begin with a free 30-minute call so we can both decide if we are a good fit to work together.

Private Sessions are:
~1 hour to 90 minutes and I offer a sliding scale
~Via phone, Skype, or in-person (preferred)


Trainings and Qualifications:

All of my training has been in-person seminars, immersion weekends, or one-on-one and group work. I truly believe in the power of in-person, experiential learning, and have completed trainings, seminars, retreats, and immersions across the United States.


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