“Lowercase-ism” proposed as solution to “Capitalism”

Here’s a person you probably don’t know of yet.

Their name is Iner. They are self-identified as “intersexual,” and have just announced the creation of a Global Universal Basic Income (GUBI) available for anyone earning less than US $100/hour.

Iner calls his solution “LowerCase-ism”, and claims it will replace “Capitalism” globally within the next 5 months.

The source for the following article has been widely credited across the inter web as “Not The Onion.” The Solution Revolution Media outlet has decided to re-publish the information. Make your own decisions. What do you think? Is this story too good to be fake news?

In order to fund “GUBI,” Iner, who had $2 to his name simply re-programmed the automated computer that manages a prestigious Wall Street Hedge Fund to “simply add as many 1s and 0s as necessary to create global equality to the account balance.” The 1s and 0s were then transferred to an untraceable Swiss Bank Account which designates, “All of Humanity” as the beneficiary.

Did Inner use Anonymous technology to pull off this remarkable feat?
“No,” says Iner.  “I actually used the Buddhist principle of the Bodhisattva, who lives their life for the benefit of all sentient beings.”

Iner explains that the computer re-program is completely legal. It simply applies the basics of modern-day economic theory in a whole new way.

“Our current economic system,” says Iner, “makes no sense. GUBI, therefore, doesn’t have to either. And that’s why it works.”

The newly-identified means for producing money will have absolutely no effect on existing global economies. They can continue with business as usual, if they wish.

“The only difference,” says Iner, “will be seen by real people. Because now they have the choice to decide if they still wish to participate, once they see how silly this entire situation is. And I don’t think they will.”

“That’s the whole idea of the Free Market, right? Let the Market decide.”

In this case, the “Market” is the “Labor Market.” If people don’t want to participate, they don’t have to. How could the free market get any more free?

So just who is this Iner person, anyway?

They describe themselves as a “non-binary intersexual Renaissance Human.”

Echoing the words of Leonardo DaVinci  about 500 years ago, Iner says, “I woke up to find everyone else still asleep.”

“So, I simply programmed an alarm clock wake everyone up.”

Anyone who hears the alarm clock will be Woke, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Iner woke up at 12:12 a.m. on 12/12/2012.

“The alarm’s going off. Can you hear it?” asks Iner.