Culture Shock @ the Oregon Country Fair

The Oregon Country Fair happens annually in July just outside of Eugene, OR. I wonder why it’s not officially called, “The Cascadian Country Fair”?

Are we even in America anymore, Toto?

Reverse Culture Shock might be more accurate, which is an eerily surreal feeling I first felt when I came home from Madagascar after Peace Corps.

And then I felt it again at Country Fair.

Reverse Culture Shock: The surreal sensation of wonder, when asking, “Is this the same place I came from?”

At Country Faire, it hit me: there actually is a fundamentally different culture out here.

(We’re from the Midwest).

The vivacious tent canopy in the Chela Mela Meadow

So, First Fair! And you know what they say about your first time.

My partner, Micayla & I, just transplanted ourselves to Eugene last November (the month the election Happened.)

We came via wagon across the Oregon Trail ….

… I mean, we drove a Civic over the Cascadian Mountains, from Kansas City, Missouri (also known as “the middle of merica”). Continue reading “Culture Shock @ the Oregon Country Fair”