The Sense of Intuition

I believe the phenomenon of intuition and synchronicity provide direct, day-to-day evidence of an Interconnected Universe.

Imagine a spider web at dawn, glistening with dew drops. If a dew drop pops, or new dew forms, the entire web is affected. And each dew drop reflects all of the other dewdrops, and all the flowers below, like a million tiny mirrors. This is the Buddhist vision of what the Universe looks like, as a metaphor. It’s called Indra’s Web (or Indra’s Jeweled Net) in its original form, attributed to an ancient Buddhist named Tu-Shun (557-640 B.C.E.)

A more detailed description is here:

So, how do intuition and synchronicity play in?

I believe intuition is a sense, just like our First Five. It is the sense that allows us to feel and know other parts of the web all around us that are beyond our senses of smell, sound, sight, taste, and touch. Continue reading “The Sense of Intuition”