More than meets the eye. More than meets the mind?

What if what we believe affects what we do?
What we do affect the world around us. What we believe affects what we do. That’s a very rational, logical way of understanding the fancy term “Law of Attraction.” It’s nothing more woo-woo than that.

But when we truly understand how deeply this truth permeates the world around us, the implications are somewhat astonishing.

Our world is a physical representation that we have decided to create, based on actions we have undertaken because they are motived by what we believe are correct, good, worthwhile things to do.

As Wayne Dyer said, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

The implications are of a far more interconnected world than, literally, meets the eye, or is accessible to our 5 physical senses.

More than meets the eye. More than meets the mind?
It’s a fascinating little notion to play with. That the world we create begins in our minds. And that changing the world would, therefore, have to begin by changing our worldview.

So, does the “myth” of the Law of Attraction imply the existence of a deeper reality? Is it possible that we can have access to that deeper reality by virtue of senses beyond the first five we have already identified? I believe the answer may very well be yes.

So what would extra senses be?

Dan Siegal’s “Wheel of Awareness” from his book, “Mind your Mind.”

The existence of extra senses. Dan Seigal identifies 8 on his wheel of awareness.


There are many more according to less well-known modern-day voices, (and ancient cultures all around the world). Rupert Sheldrake has begun to scientifically explore the “Sense of Being Stared At,” which seems to me like an aspect of intuition.

I’m proposing that it’s actually a cultural myth that we have only 5 senses. Having 5 senses is not a myth. We do. That’s verifiably true. Having only 5 senses is the myth. It’s a way of seeing the world, that isn’t, necessarily true.

Having 8 senses is also a myth. It isn’t, necessarily, scientifically verifiable, but it’s a way of seeing the world. Who knows how many we have? The ones we’ve identified certainly has absolutely no bearing on how many we do have.

Additional senses are non-physical senses. Which would imply (and reinforce) the idea of a non-physical reality in addition to the one we perceive with our first five. To me, the idea of a non-physical world is incredibly useful. It allows for the existence of a world that’s far more complex and interconnected than what meets the eye (literally) and gives us a place to begin understanding ideas like intuition, which, in my direct, day-to-day experience, is a verifiable reality.

So, what do you think of the idea that there are senses beyond the physical five that we have first identified?


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