First draft outline of Tom’s Tedx Talk (planned for 2019)

Dear Readers,

Tedx Bound!

My purpose, my mission, my drive, my passion is to become an inspirational,  speaker for the Global Change Movement to encourage you (all of us) to be that last snowflake that causes the avalanche of change. I believe in the Power of Collective Manifestationstion and the collective law of attraction for the higher good. I am intending to expand my work over the next year and earn a living doing so.

It’s really fun to notice that the clearer and clearer I get on my intentions, the more and more little pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place. For example, I just met someone who is 1 degree of separation away from the main organizer of TEDx Bend last night. 3 years ago, I gave myself the goal of giving a TED talk within 5 years. So, as of today, this seems like a practical goal! I’m on right path. There is all the evidence in the world that the future I’ve felt attracted to is within reach. It’s pretty interesting to notice that.

You can best support me by:

  1. Encouraging me with positive reinforcement!
  2. Help me network and get to know movers & shakers I can get in touch with around Eugene, Bend, Austin.
  3. I’m setting up a Patreaon account for crowdfunding for Positive Enabler. It would really be amazing if you could lend some support in that way as I continue to grow.

I am currently:

  1. Doing a weekly podcast called “The Solution Revolution”
  2. Writing a book called “How to save the World in 6 Days”
  3. Teaching classes called
    1. The Art of Connection
    2. The More Beautiful World
    3. Success Circle!
    4. Cooperative Games

Locations I am currently teaching, or have taught or led workshops:

  1. Vistara Education Center
  2. Lost Valley Education Center
  3. Unleash Yourself
  4. Yoga Patch, Kansas City
  5. Heart of the Dove, Kansas City

Over the next year, I will:

  1. Give public talks in Eugene
  2. Expand the reach of the podcast, continue to call inspiring, successful guests to be on the show (Are you one? Be in touch!)
  3. Offer my classes to larger audiences
  4. Continue involvement and networking with:
    1. The Authentic Revolution (Austin, TX)
    2. Toastmasters
    3. National Speakers Association
    4. Chamber of Commerce and other event planning around Eugene

Places where I can speak and promote my materials:

  1. Unitarian Church
  2. Center for Spiritual Living
  3. Unity of the Valley
  4. Oregon Contemporary Theater
  5. Community Yoga Celebration
  6. TEDx Bend, Ore.
  7. Live Podcast from Sam Bond’s!

TEDx Talk initial outline

  1. Join the Solution Revolution! How to save the World in 6 Days. (hook)
  2. Write a “Wake Up Story” for our anthology (call to action). Help birth the Postive Futurism movement, and use the so-called Law of Attraction for the higher good, as we ban together and collectively manifest the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
  3. So, let’s save the World in 6 Days!
  4. Then the audience is like, “What do you mean, 6 days?”
  5. The world seems to be at a tipping point …. a rite of passage if you will, from an old way of doing things (which is so obviously no longer working) to a new way.
  6. Paradigm shifts begin gradually, but then all at once, like an avalanche, when the last snowflake falls.
  7. Now, here’s where it gets interesting: you could be that last snowflake. As Charles Eisenstein says in his book, “The More Beautiful World our hearts know is possible: “The new story might not be at a tipping point yet, but perhaps it’s at a moment of equipoise, and all that’s required is one more decision by one more person. Perhaps, dear reader, that person is you.”
  8. Eisenstein also talks about how new cultures need new myths to define their beliefs, to live out, to act according to. This is also an idea I first came across in Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.
  9. A creative myth is like, for example, Pandora’s Box, with mythical characters and mythical concepts that relate a point. But a cultural myth is a story that informs the way we live our lives, the way we act. You might even call it a Zeitgeist, a “time ghost.”
  10. So, our culture has a very ancient myth that you might be familiar with. That the world was created in 6 days. You know, for Man, and that we were supposed to dominate all the of animals in the world and all of that nonsense.
  11. That’s a story whose time, really, has passed. Long overdue for a change. We can’t dominate nature anymore. We’ve actually been at war with nature really ever since that myth was written. Trying to dominate nature. As Dr. Phil says, “So how’s that been working for ya?” Climate change and the 6th great extinction, that’s how.
  12. Time for a change. A global change. A global change movement. Of which you, dear readers, could all be the last snowflakes.
  13. It’s time to flip some myths, shift some paradigms. Paradigms turn on a dime when the time is right. Time ripens slowly, and then all of a sudden. If you don’t reap the harvest at the right time, it rots.
  14. It’s time to shift before climate change gets the better of us.
  15. And here’s how to save the world in 6 days:
    1. We have to believe that we can
    2. If there’s anything at all to the idea of manifestation and the law of attraction, then we need start by believing that we can.
    3. And we collective manifestation is exponentially more powerful than individual manifestation. We can use this power for the higher good, not just to make a million dollars for individual greed, like so many of us seem to have been using the law for in the past. You know, historically, the first evidence I’ve found in my research about the Law of Attraction, thoughts affecting reality in Napoleon’s Hill’s work, “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s the “Think” part that interests me. It’s the law of attraction. The grow rich part is the robber-baron, ego-driven corruption of that power for personal gain. But the power itself is sound. Let’s use it to change the world in 6 days. To flip some paradigms. Let’s flip that myth.
    4. Let’s create new myths. Let’s call them “Wake up Stories! for a new culture.” Let’s save the world in 6 days.
  16. (That’s the call to action. Submit your stories to Wake Up Stories @ Positive Enabler. Let’s birth Positive Futurism! Let’s believe that we can collectively manifest a new and better world.)
  17. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. The change has already begun. The Revolution is already well underway. But it’s not a Revolution, as much as an Evolution of Though, a Rennaissance, as dramatic as what we saw in the 1600s.
  18. This Rennaissance of Thought is apparent in the movement of movements we see sweeping across the world today. It’s inspiring. When you start looking at the progress we’ve been making and quit the addiction to negative thinking and believing that things can’t change and that we’re doomed.
  19. Our dystopian future films certainly aren’t doing anything to help the matter. We need to dream of a positive future if we have any hope of creating one.
  20. Things change slowly, but what changes more slowly, sometimes, is our ability to see the change. We’re so stuck in our mental models of the way the world was, that we’re still believing that’s the way the world is.But I believe in the evidence I see with my own eyes. That the Evolution has already begun. And, you know what, it is being televised! ON 3/24/18 there was the national march for gun reform. Before that, there was the women’s march and the me too movement. These are huge, huge movements.
  21. The world is changing.
  22. Ask not what you can do, ask what’s already happening, and know, as Charles Eiseinstein says, “Have faith that you have already committed to taking action when the time is right. And you will know when the time is right.”
  23. You are the last snowflake. You are the 100th Human.

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