The Sense of Intuition

I believe the phenomenon of intuition and synchronicity provide direct, day-to-day evidence of an Interconnected Universe.

Imagine a spider web at dawn, glistening with dew drops. If a dew drop pops, or new dew forms, the entire web is affected. And each dew drop reflects all of the other dewdrops, and all the flowers below, like a million tiny mirrors. This is the Buddhist vision of what the Universe looks like, as a metaphor. It’s called Indra’s Web (or Indra’s Jeweled Net) in its original form, attributed to an ancient Buddhist named Tu-Shun (557-640 B.C.E.)

A more detailed description is here:

So, how do intuition and synchronicity play in?

I believe intuition is a sense, just like our First Five. It is the sense that allows us to feel and know other parts of the web all around us that are beyond our senses of smell, sound, sight, taste, and touch.

Dan Siegal’s “Wheel of Awareness” from his book, “Mind your Mind.”

Dan Siegal’s fascinating book, “Mindsight,” includes an illustration of what he calls the “Wheel of Awareness.” On his wheel, he identifies 8 senses, one of which he calls “interconnectedness.”

I believe intuition is one way that sense shows up in our daily lives.

What other experiences of the sense of interconnectedness might there be?

I think synchronicity is another flavor of interconnectedness.

Most of us, to some degree, have had the experience of being in just the right place at just the right time and we call it “coincidence.” I prefer the word “synchronicity.” I believe the only difference between coincidence and synchronicity is to what degree we think the confluence of events are random.

I believe intuition guides us towards where we need to be, by giving our minds information about the web of life all around us that we don’t have conscious awareness of. When we listen, synchronicities begin to appear in our lives, more often, and more inexplicably.

We might consider the “First Five” senses as the “Conscious Senses,” and additional senses as “Subconscious Senses. And it seems that the more we pay attention to that “still, small, voice” (of intuition), the more it speaks to us. It’s as if that subconscious voice gains more and more access to our conscious mind the more we listen.

For me, I’ve found that meditation helps that voice become clearer. I’ve learned to trust it more and more in my life.

Charles Eisenstein’s “The More Beautiful World,” stops short of suggesting that there may be scientific evidence for a universe of interbeing.

I believe there is. It appears we are all living in a far more interconnected universe that science has yet accepted, or understood. Yet direct day-to-day evidence seems to be accumulating to suggest that we live in a world that’s far more dynamic than what we experience with our first five senses.

It stands to reason that we may indeed have the capacity to experience a higher degree of interconnectedness with senses beyond the First Five, of which intuition seems to be one.

Scientists like Rupert Sheldrake have been researching what he calls “The Sense of Being Stared At” for several decades now. His work has been slowly, but surely, catching on.

Paradigms, worldviews, shift slowly at first. And then, all at once.

Remember back when we used to think the Sun revolved around the Earth?

There is evidence of a true paradigm shift happening all around us, right now, today. More on that in future writings….

What does your intuition tell you is true?

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