Intuition – a compass pointing to the true north of our lives: purpose

This post is just a brief aside, a teaser, for a lot of the other posts on this wall. Just a poetic way I came to see it this morning.

Will you share an experience you had with intuition with us that you knew was a powerful voice inside of you, keeping you going in the right direction?

Intuition can be a true golden compass pointing towards the true north of our lives, our purpose.

There are many people now who are having deep experiences of intuition. Together, we are learning to trust how that part of our minds can be a true golden compass pointing towards the true north of our lives, our purpose.

A Changing Worldview

One of the most encouraging pieces of evidence that the world around us is actually changing dramatically (for the better) is that we are becoming much more open to new ideas.  Historically, cultures all over the world have sentenced people to death for new ideas.

One the most infamous historical figures was nailed to a cross for his radical thoughts. Fast forward a couple hundred years, when those thoughts become the foundation for such religious fervor that people who were seen as a threat to those once radical ideas (with radical ideas of their own) were burned at the stake. What is it with culture’s extreme resistance to new ideas and extreme defens(iveness) of the orthodoxy?

The word Zeitgeist (of documentary fame) literally translates into English (from German) as “time ghost.” The German language has such amazing concepts built into its worldview.

A zeitgeist is the unquestioned beliefs that govern any culture. They are largely invisible beliefs, their origins mostly obscured by the mists of time.  They are taken as sacrosanct and not only go unquestioned but, by virtue of their invisibility, have become inherently unquestionable.

These are beliefs we have inherited from our ancestors. Literally, ghosts from our past.

Time ghosts are similar to myths. The most important distinction is that they are invisible. The most important similarity is that they are mostly unquestionable.

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More than meets the eye. More than meets the mind?

What if what we believe affects what we do?
What we do affect the world around us. What we believe affects what we do. That’s a very rational, logical way of understanding the fancy term “Law of Attraction.” It’s nothing more woo-woo than that.

But when we truly understand how deeply this truth permeates the world around us, the implications are somewhat astonishing.

Our world is a physical representation that we have decided to create, based on actions we have undertaken because they are motived by what we believe are correct, good, worthwhile things to do.

As Wayne Dyer said, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

The implications are of a far more interconnected world than, literally, meets the eye, or is accessible to our 5 physical senses.

More than meets the eye. More than meets the mind?
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First draft outline of Tom’s Tedx Talk (planned for 2019)

Dear Readers,

Tedx Bound!

My purpose, my mission, my drive, my passion is to become an inspirational,  speaker for the Global Change Movement to encourage you (all of us) to be that last snowflake that causes the avalanche of change. I believe in the Power of Collective Manifestationstion and the collective law of attraction for the higher good. I am intending to expand my work over the next year and earn a living doing so.

It’s really fun to notice that the clearer and clearer I get on my intentions, the more and more little pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place. For example, I just met someone who is 1 degree of separation away from the main organizer of TEDx Bend last night. 3 years ago, I gave myself the goal of giving a TED talk within 5 years. So, as of today, this seems like a practical goal! I’m on right path. There is all the evidence in the world that the future I’ve felt attracted to is within reach. It’s pretty interesting to notice that.

You can best support me by:

  1. Encouraging me with positive reinforcement!
  2. Help me network and get to know movers & shakers I can get in touch with around Eugene, Bend, Austin.
  3. I’m setting up a Patreaon account for crowdfunding for Positive Enabler. It would really be amazing if you could lend some support in that way as I continue to grow.
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How to Save the World in 6 Days

Solution Revolution Podcast: How to save the World in 6 days

So, why is that the tagline for my podcast? And the working title for the book I’m developing?

Everything seems to be a “listicle” now. How to do THIS in 10 east steps. 13 tips to achieve …. whatever.

The “listicle,” arguably popularized by Buzzfeed, is a sort of catchall phrase for any article that appears in the form of a list.

So I’m poking fun at that, while being so absurd that I hope you do a double take. I’m also doing something serious here which I call, “paradigm flipping.” Let me explain that last bit.

There’s a myth I’m sure you’re familiar with. It’s one of the most foundational myths of western civilization. According to this myth, the world was created in 6 days. What if we updated that myth to say, “We saved the world in 6 days.” What do you think? Can we save the world if we actually put our minds to it? Instead of putting our minds to silly things that we try to accomplish in 8 steps, or 15-day challenges?

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Think and Grow Happy

“Think and Grow Rich” sounds a lot like Abraham. What’s up with that?

For those of you who are familiar with my work, you might find it surprising that I have a copy of Think And Grow Rich on my bookshelf. It recently showed up for me, and I heard a voice suggesting I should read it. I’ve been quite resistant to reading it for many years.

Don’t judge a book by its title. The actual thesis of the book lies as much in the “Think” part as in the “Grow Rich” part of the title. Originally published in 1937, the idea of “Growing Rich” is the way the book pitches the practical application of its ideas to an America obsessed with money and growth. But

In chapter after chapter, which includes story after story of how some very successful men (always men) became very successful by their measure (always money). But the ideas presented about how they rose to the top are essentially that “thoughts are things.” Thoughts affect your reality.

And where have we heard that before? Or, rather, since? That’s the same premise that the Law of Attraction is based on. Napolean Hill actually uses the term “the secret” over an over again. Also, Abraham Hicks presents this philosophy, too. And the Hicks material (at least some of it) drips with the idea of ego and using “tools” like these to achieve financial “abundance,” too.

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Hope Will Set Us Free

“Hope is what’s helped us accomplish the impossible. Hope is what got us out of the most desperate situations. Never lose our faith in hope, because even in the worst moments, a small light of hope in the darkness can lead to a more beautiful world. Never lose hope, fight with all of your valor, all of your tenacity, all of your courage, and survive!”

–Tom Tortorich

A People’s History of Capitalism

I understand and appreciate that modern society is organized in such a way that the use of money is still essential to the ability to have one’s basic needs met. I also believe that over the next several generations we may be able to come to our senses and realize how unevolved the idea of money is.

The idea for this essay comes from my recent foray into reading Napoleon Hill’s classic business and self-empowerment book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

It’s a book, certainly, with no lack of out-dated ideas about how “growing rich” an intrinsic part of the ego-driven American Dream, is good.

But what I was surprised to learn is that the book also has a fair amount of vision about how to align one’s thoughts behind one’s desires to create the life you want. And that sounds quite like Abraha Hicks and The Secret. Fascinating. For more on that topic, read my previous post, “Think and Grow Happy.”

This essay will cover some of my basic ideas about how capitalism is run amok in the world today, but at its core, not inherently evil. Though, we can certainly survive without it.

“A People’s History of Capitalism” by Tom Tortorich

These ideas have been rattling around in my head for a while. Back in 2008, right around the “Great Recession,” I was, ironically, working as a web designer for the financial services industry. And I was so staunchly against capitalism at the time that I wrote and published a book called “The People’s History of Capitalism.” You can get a free copy as an incentive by contributing to my Patreon account to help me support myself as I rant about the evils of a corrupt capitalist system. Continue reading “A People’s History of Capitalism”

Personal Log (a story about empowerment, motivation & inspiration)

I’m going to reveal some personal information here. Ready? I’m a Star Trek fan. There, I said it. That used to really get people made fun of in high school. But, I’m so over that fear. I’ve learned to importance of being authentic. That’s actually one of my highest values. Not, “You do you,” but just, “You Be You.” I like that. Just Be Yourself. Seriously. The world needs more people who have come alive.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  ~Howard Thurman

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