The Force of Conscious Intention a.k.a. “The Flow”

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While people debate whether we have yet reached the tipping point of global warming, I feel very profoundly with every fiber of my being that there is a different tipping point we have already eclipsed. We have already begun the transformation of civilization into a new state of conscious awakening that does not merely solve, but transcends, all of the confluent crises our civilization is on a collision course with.

There is a profoundly powerful new faith-based-spirituality that has emerged into our cultural consciousness. It is rooted in the dawning awareness that consciousness creates reality.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

The idea that consciousness itself is truly the fundamental substance of the universe has been sown into the soil of cultural awareness in too many ways to ignore any longer. And the seeds have already begun to sprout.

Culture may try to bury this idea
without realizing it’s a seed
that sprouts in fertile minds.

The idea is simple: that consciousness creates reality, that as individuals and as a civilization, it is our collective and individual consciousnesses that manifest reality itself.

The idea that consciousness creates reality is … well … what is consciousness afterall?

How do you like this for a working definition of consciousness? Consciousness is….

“It’s an energy field, created by all living
beings. It surrounds us and penetrates us;
it binds the universe together.”
—Obi-Wan Kenobi

Consciousness is the fundamental fabric of reality.
It is the age-old idea of the Ether.

It is the Higgs Field that quantum physicists propose.

It is the basis for the Unified Field theory Stephen Hawking looks for.

It is The Force, for lack of a better word. And there may truly be no better word.

It is the Power of Intention; It is The Secret, to use the vernacular.

It is the Way (or The Flow), to invoke Eastern Taoism.

To be clear, this power is not new. The human conception of it is nothing new. It’s been understood for thousands of years, just forgotten, repressed, in favor of a culture contaminated by the sickness of ego-driven greed.

Here is my definition of ego-driven greed:
the exploitation of the needs of the many to
serve the needs of the few, or the one.

And that is the sickness, the cancer, which has been the fundamental infection suffered by Western Civilization for the past 5,000 years or more.

But fundamentally, we have reached the tipping point where the knowledge of this fundamental truth has finally been re-awakened in the minds of Western Civilization. It is now that healing begins. It is now that the world changes.
So why is The Force perhaps the best word to describe the new perception of the universal “Secret” that consciousness creates reality?

Because our culture is a extremely science-oriented. It has rejected religion out-of-hand; it has thrown the baby out with the bath water, faith out with dogma.

Science Fiction therefore becomes the crack in the cultural egg through which this idea sows its seeds, and brings us into the light of awakening.

Further, illustrating that what we think as a culture and as individuals does become realty, dozens of lists have been compiled (which you can find easily through a quick Google search) of several hundred pieces of daily technology that have come into existence in Science Fact that were first dreamed up in Science Fiction, specifically, Star Trek and Star Wars. You see, many of the Apple Techies are Trekkies, and so the iPad, iPhone, even email, etc., etc., are rooted fundamentally in sci-fi based technologies. Science fiction fans who have become techies pioneer new technologies based on what they have been dreaming up for a half century.

Anything we can imagine has the potential to become the reality of the future.
Star Wars has significant spiritual underpinnings. The Jedi are based on Taoist Masters, and The Force is based on the The Flow.

And The Flow (or The Way) is the basis for what we think of today as, The Secret, or the Power of Intention. People who are “One with the Way” we call
“Master Manifesters.” Consciousness creates Reality.

And we have reached the tipping point where this idea has infiltrated society to a great enough extent that as a culture, I believe our paradigm is spring-loaded with willingness and readiness to begin acting in accordance with it. Indeed, many of us already have. And there are more and more of us awakening everyday, as ideas like this become more omnipresent in real life, and online, on places like Elephant Journal, Facebook and YouTube and all other forms of social media that are manifesting this meme.

And as this meme becomes more deeply believed by culture as a whole, and acted upon by culture at large, that’s when the world changes. When each of us starts to realize that our consciousness creates reality, there can be no motivations that could possibly linger for living lives that are not allowing us to experience the true nature of life: Purpose, meaning, intention, love.

The flower of Awakening is ready to bloom
in the minds of the humans living on this
tiny blue dot in the vast cosmos,
bound together by consciousness.

That is the new faith-based spirituality that has emerged into our cultural worldview, and it has the power to truly, fundamentally, change the world and culture as we know it.

There are too many instances of this idea, too many different manifestations of it, from Star Wars to spiritual gurus like Alan Watts and Adyashanti; from mainstream books like “What the Bleep Do We Know?” to “The Secret” for this fundamental truth, this Force, to be ignored.

From suburban soccer moms who have read, or at least heard of “The Secret” on Oprah, to spiritual seekers who align with the burgeoning rise of Buddhism in the West, the seeds of this fundamentally profound and powerful truth have been planted in one form or another in the minds of the majority of Western Civilization.

And this is The Force that has the power of maneuvering the rudder on the ship of civilization we are sailing, this spaceship Earth, that’s headed directly on a collision course with Global Warming, economic collapse and a myriad of other cultural problems poised to converge.

The Force to change the direction of culture and avoid this collision has impregnated itself into our cultural consciousness.

The seeds are planted and are have already begun to sprout. The conditions are right. The flower of cawakening is ready to bloom in the minds of the humans living on this tiny blue dot in the vast cosmos, bound together by consciousness.




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