Think outside the Sphere

Excerpt from, “Think Outside the Thought”

The fall of (Western) Man was not from grace, but down a rabbit hole that he thought himself into. He constructed a box and climbed in. There have always been some of us trying to claw our way out. There have been quite a few more who don’t see the box at all. Yet the “struggle” to get out is just as unhelpful as being ignorant of its existence.

The truth is, there is no box. Not really, anyway. The only thing we’re stuck in is our own minds, our minds which are so conditioned that we can no longer see the forest for the trees, or the world for the box. Our perception of reality is informed by experience as our world conforms itself to the mold of our own design like silly putty in a red rubber egg.

One of the most out-of-the-box thinkers I have ever read, aTranspersonal Psychologist, Joseph Chilton Pierce, claims there is a “crack in the cosmic egg,” by which we can escape the box, climb back out of the rabbit hole.
The real rub, though, is this isn’t a box or a hole with any boundaries that can be easily experienced by the few senses we recognize.

Our minds have simply been so addled by television, mass media, and the homogenization of shared experience that we are desperately close to a precipice beyond which we will no longer be able to conceive anything that doesn’t have a direct physical manifestation within our nearly closed loop paradigm.

That explains why so many of us don’t recognize box we’re in. It also explains why those who do see it become obsessed with trying to escape it.
Once we become aware of it, their minds seize upon the possibility of a new reality that and think, aha! I see the box! Now I must plan my escape!
But isn’t that a validation of the very worldview we’re trying to fight against? The worldview of giving special treatment in your mind to that which you can see.

I’m now aware of this box! I must fight against it!
Why? You weren’t fighting against it before you were aware of it. Why start now?

If your head isn’t spinning already, you may want to get it examined by an expert. It might be screwed on too tight.

There’s another alternative. Now that you see the box, don’t expend all your energy clawing at the corners. It will be wasted effort. The box is here to stay.

Historically, every plebeian revolution which seeks to overthrow the aristocracy, it ultimately occurs (after 10, 50, 100 or 500 years) that the plebeians evolve into a new aristocracy. Revolutions don’t work because all they do is turn the tables. They never get out of the kitchen.
Civilization has in fact seen so many revolutions that it is by now well-fortified against them. It knows how to defend itself from a plebeian revolt. More, better, bigger guns. And it works. That’s not to say that Revolutions aren’t won by Revolutionaries and Heroes or lost by Tyrants and Traitors (distinctions made solely by history books).

But it is to say that no revolution has ever been won or lost by either side. The side that emerges victorious simply loses more slowly than their opponent. The fact is, by winning, we are learning to beat the other guy at his own game. But both sides are rolling the same dice, moving around the same board.
And it’s deja-vu all over again and again and again. David becomes Goliath.
So what’s the solution?

I see the box. The box is made of thoughts and I see the need to change the mindset of the world. What do I do?
Simple. Think outside the thought. Think outside the sphere.

If your head isn’t spinning already, you may want to get it examined by an expert. It might be screwed on too tight.

But before we begin the dizzying search for the invisible walls of thought that surround us, penetrate us, bind our civilization together, let’s take a step forward….

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